Help with PurchaseTips

We offer an extensive collection of scientific literature on numerous subjects. Are you missing something you need for your research? Is your desired title constantly on loan? If you have any suggestions for items that would complement our stock, please share them here.

Will I be charged the costs for the acquisition of the purchase tip?

No, the SLUB will bear all costs for the acquisition of the recommended title - you will not be charged anything.

Will every recommended title be acquired by the SLUB?

Generally, we will acquire the recommended titles for your academic work. We check that the purchase tip fits into our collections and to see if there might be an alternative title already in stock. This process guarantees that we use our budget as efficiently as possible.

I want to recommend an additional copy of an already existing library title - how can I do that?

Please fill out this PurchaseTip form.

What should I do if I want to suggest a title that I cannot find either in the SLUB or in the booksellers' offer?

Please fill out this PurchaseTip form

How long do I have to wait until I can borrow the medium?

As a rule, the medium will be available within 14 days. For international and antiquarian titles, it may take a little longer. We recommend to make a reservation in the purchase tip form to ensure that you will be the first borrower.

How do I reserve the item in my name?

To do this, please check the box "Please reserve item for me" when submitting the PurchaseTip. By doing this, you ensure that you will be the first user to borrow/use the book as soon as it is available.
If you have requested for the item to be put on hold for you, you will be notified by mail. If you need the title at a later date, you can check its availability in the SLUB catalogue.

Whom can I contact in case my purchase tip was rejected?

Please contact the person who has informed you about the rejection.

Is there a limit for purchase tips for a single user during a defined period?

Initially there is no limit. Should we notice that there are numerous acquisitions recommended by one single user during a short period, we reserve the right to reject these purchase tips.

How is this service financed by the SLUB?

All purchase tips are paid out of the regular acquisition budget of the library. We do have to use the budget carefully and therefore ask you to check if there might be alternative titles in our stock which could fulfill your needs. Please use the purchase tip for urgent requests.