Hermann Henselmann (1905-1995)

Danigel, Gerd: GDR. Jena. Platz der Kosmonauten (today Eichplatz). View of the Jentower, around 1985 (SLUB / Deutsche Fotothek: df_hauptkatalog_0671072)


Architect, born on 03 February 1905 in Roßla, died on 19 January 1995 in Berlin.

Hermann Henselmann's work shaped the urban planning of the GDR from the 1950s onwards and he is regarded as one of its most influential architects. He became known for his numerous city skyscrapers in Berlin, Leipzig and Jena, among other places.

The estate was acquired by Hermann Henselmann in 1988 during his lifetime and comprises a total of 4,100 numbers in 37 capsules.

Call number: Mscr.Dresd.App.2817

Special catalogue of Hermann Henselmann's estate