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The Landesfachstelle Sachsen is a service and advice center for all public libraries in the state. With us, you are always up to date on all developments in the library system, find further information and advice on various specialist topics.

News from the industry

In our news section, we compile important specialist information, trends and developments in librarianship for you and inform you about the latest services offered by the Landesfachstelle as well as our current projects.

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Library statistics

The German Library Statistics (DBS) collect all important data on public and academic libraries according to international standards. It documents the work of libraries on a national level and enables the analysis of one's own institution and the comparison of performance with other libraries.

The Landesfachstelle offers public libraries the service of recording data for the statistics. To this end, we take over the online entry of data for the approximately 240 part-time public libraries (ÖB/N) as well as for full-time public libraries (ÖB/H) that cannot do this themselves. A plausibility check is carried out for the recorded data of the public libraries and, if necessary, the data is completed and corrected. The data entry period for the DBS always begins on 2 January of a year. For public libraries, the data entry period ends on 15 February at midnight. After that, data entry via the library's DBS access is no longer possible. Subsequent entries can still be made for a limited period of time by the specialist office.

In addition, we compile detailed library statistics of the public libraries for the Free State of Saxony every year, which you can download here:

Library statistics Free State of Saxony 2019 - Public libraries.

Library statistics for the Free State of Saxony 2020 - Public libraries

Library statistics Free State of Saxony 2021 - Public libraries

Library statistics Free State of Saxony 2022 - Public libraries


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Contact person for library statistics Annette Maulhardt Tel.: +49 351 4677-592 E-mail: annette.maulhardt@slub-dresden.de

Advice on technical matters

Construction, extension and furnishing

Construction issues are often a major challenge, especially for smaller public libraries. The Landesfachstelle can advise you on construction, extension and furnishing as well as on library organisation and administration.

The handout on building and equipping public libraries offers you initial orientation.

Requirements and recommendations for planning can also be found in DIN 67700 Bau von Bibliotheken und Archiven (Construction of Libraries and Archives) - this is available from our specialist library or digitally in the Nautos database.

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Contact Building Consultancy Dr. Robert Langer Tel.: +49 351 4677-591 E-mail: robert.langer@slub-dresden.de


Education for sustainable development

Within the framework of the measure Introduction of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the public library system, the Saxon State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (SMK), together with the State Office in cooperation with the Saxon ESD provider arche noVa e.V., supports public libraries in Saxony to anchor education for sustainable development in their work.

The result is a handout that gives a theoretical introduction to the topic of ESD and contains suggestions on how to take the first concrete steps towards a sustainable library. Practical examples from different libraries are meant to give impulses.

Download Handout ESD

Provenance research in public libraries

The search for Nazi looted property is still in its infancy in this country and often proves difficult, especially for smaller municipal libraries. The State Librarian's Office also offers valuable support in this area: we are the first librarian's office in Germany to set up a coordination office for Nazi looted property and offer Saxon municipalities assistance in the academic search for Nazi looted property in public libraries, restitution and processing for the public. In addition to concrete research support in individual libraries, the work of the coordination office also includes the supervision of application procedures at the German Centre for the Loss of Cultural Property (DZK), the preparation of expert opinions, public relations and networking work as well as cooperation with the Germany-wide provenance research community.


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Contact Provenance Research Volker Cirsovius Tel.: +49 351 4677-593 E-mail: volker.cirsovius@slub-dresden.de