Help with Searching for Music and Films

You can choose between a general search (default >All) or a targeted search in a field such as "Author", "Title", "Signature" etc. Start with a few search terms and narrow down the list of results afterwards using the facets on the right.

How do I narrow down the search result afterwards?

You can easily narrow down the results after searching by using the facets offered in the side column to the right of the hit list.

Here you can distinguish between digital or physical media. If you move the slider to the left to DIGITAL, all digitised sheet music, sound carriers and films will be listed.

Media Type
The facet "Media type" shows you the different resources that we make available to you via the SLUB catalogue:

  • Sheet music: includes printed music and digitised sheet music (including digitised music manuscripts).
  • Sound carriers: include CDs, records, audio cassettes and digitised sound carriers
  • Video: include DVDs, Blu-ray discs and video cassettes

The facet "Collection" shows you the various resources that we make available for you via the SLUB catalogue:

  • SWB union data: for SLUB holdings.
  • SLUB Mediathek: for the digital audiovisual holdings of the SLUB
  • Naxos Music Library: a streaming offer of more than 123,020 CDs with more than 1,813,900 tracks of the genres classical music, jazz and world music, which you can directly select and listen to (as of 04.04.2016)
  • Répertoire International des Sources Musicales: digitised historical music manuscripts and prints from various libraries worldwide
  • Gallica: digitised public domain sheet music and sound files of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF)
  • Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP): digitised public domain sheet music and music reproductions worldwide

Depending on a search and the matching search results, other facets are displayed in the catalogue. Among others you will find:

  • Language: Languageof the publication
  • Subject: Scientificsubject of the publication according to the Regensburg classification system
  • Author: Author, editor, translator, photographer, composer or other person involved in the publication
  • Slocation: ... where the publication is located (SLUB library and holdings of the TU Dresden)

Complete, monument and facsimile editions

Academic editions placed in the open access area can be found in a targeted manner by entering the following signature beginnings in the "Signature" field:

  • Complete edition: GA. ...
  • Monument edition: DE. ...
  • Facsimile Edition: FA. ...

You can then limit the hit list, for example, by composer (Facet >Originator).

Digitised sheet music "Hofmusik Dresden

All digitised sheet music on Dresden court music can be searched for in the SLUB catalogue (default >Alles).

  • Schranck II: Search for "Instrumental Music of the Dresden Court Orchestra" (1,793 volumes, as of 22.03.2016).
  • Dresden Opera Archive (performance materials of the Electoral/Kingly Saxon Opera from the period 1765 to 1900): Search for "Dresdner Opernarchiv digital" (1,598 volumes, as of 22.03.2016).
  • Königliche Privat-Musikaliensammlung (KPM): Search for " Königliche Privat-Musikaliensammlung digital" (1,347 volumes, as of 22.3.2016)

The following search terms are recommended for specific title searches: Suite* (for Suites), Concertos (for Concerto/s), Ouvertures (for Overture), Sonata* (for Sonatas). In addition, the "Digital Collections of the SLUB" represent the holdings on court music in Dresden in their own collections: Instrumental Music of the Dresden Hofkapelle digital, Dresden Opera Archive digital, Music of the Dresden Hofkirche digital.

Foreign names

Foreign, especially Slavic and Russian, names (Shostakovich, Dmitri Dmitrievich/Šostakovič, Dmitrij Dmitrievič; Janáček, Leoš; Prokofiev, Sergei Sergeyevich/Prokof'ev, Sergej Sergeevič etc.) are searchable in the different spellings. This does not apply to the external collections. Please try different spellings of names here.

Do you have questions about the search result in the SLUB catalogue?

We are happy to help you. Please contact the music reference team at the library or write to us using the permalink to the specific title.