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Evaluating the Quality Assurance Process in Scholarly Publishing - EQUAP2

Survey to assess the quality assurance process in scientific publishing houses from the perspective of editors, reviewers and authors

In addition to publication and knowledge dissemination, selection and peer review are among the central contributions of journals to scholarly communication. The processes of quality assurance of journals are also closely linked to the other mechanisms of evaluation and assessment of scientific performance. In the context of institutional funding of publications as well as the provision of information, the criteria of quality assurance by publishers and journals play a central role. This is particularly evident in discussions about publishers, whose business practices, pricing policies and quality assurance processes are being questioned by an increasing number of researchers.

Common bibliometric indicators such as the journal impact factor are not suitable for mapping the diverse dimensions of quality assurance processes. Rather, it is necessary to take into account the concrete experiences of researchers in their roles as authors, reviewers and/or editors of scientific journals and to compare them with their expectations. Any discrepancies between the experiences and expectations make it possible to make publisher-specific statements on quality assurance and to derive decisions for funding and acquisition.

This objective is pursued by the project Evaluating the Quality Assurance Process in Scholarly Publishing (EQUAP²) through a wide-ranging survey. The survey is being conducted by a German-Swiss working group and funded by Swiss libraries and associations as well as the libraries of the TU9. In order to do justice to the heterogeneity of subject disciplines as well as journal and publishing focuses, the survey will span a broad range of topics (across all research areas) as well as locations.

Participation in the survey by as many research institutions and libraries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as possible is expressly desired! If you are interested, please contact the project's working group, which enables broad participation by providing free and institution-specific access to the survey:

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