is the specialist information service for art history and art studies. It is operated by the SLUB Dresden together with Heidelberg University Library and serves to support art historical research.

Recearch • Publish • Network with offers among other things

  • subject-specific literature research in the entire art-historical spectrum of topics in the catalogue
  • image searches in various image databases
  • digital image and text sources on various topics  
  • digital publishing of articles, monographs and journals in Open Access
  • the presentation of working groups and networks, research projects and results in the portal is the core service and information infrastructure of the DFG project "Fachinformationsdienst Kunst, Fotografie, Design". More information can be found at:

An important part of supporting art historical research is the provision of specialist literature. Already since the 1980s, the SLUB Dresden has been pursuing the collection focus on literature on art and art history. The collecting activity concentrates on recent and newer art from 1945 onwards as well as on the two subject areas of photography and design/applied arts. 

Since 1993, with the support of the German Research Foundation (DFG), comprehensive special collections of domestic and foreign art literature have been acquired. The collection focus is continuously pursued and the holdings expanded.