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Retrieving Items from the Closed Stacks

Retrieving Items

Central Library and DrePunct / Makerspace Library

Requests received by 1pm from Monday to Friday will be made available for use/collection after 6pm on the same day.

Requests which are received after 1pm will be available for use/collection by 11am the following day (not including Saturdays and Sundays).

Users have 5 working days to collect their items. Items not collected within this time frame will be returned to the stacks.

Off-site Storage

Closed stack items that are located in the off-site storage areas Marienallee and Potthoffbau will be available for collection within 4-7 days after your request has been received.

Special Cases

Items that have not yet been entered into the library's electronic circulation system will usually be available for collection 2 days after your request has been received.

Works that were published before 1850 are usually available for use in the special collections reading room.

Large-format newspaper volumes (call number: Z. gr. 2. ...) can be collected from the self-service shelves (self-service shelves for large format newspapers) on the level -1. All other volumes can be collected from the service desk.