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Work Station for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

Where to Find Our Specific PC Work Station

The PC work station for blind and visually impaired users is located at the Central Library at level 0, room 0.44.
You are welcome to use this PC work station during the service hours of service counter.
We recommend registering via email or phone (+49 351 4677-390).

Technical Equipment

 The work station is equipped with a PC. The operating system is Windows 7. You can access the Internet via the standard browser Mozilla Firefox. A braille display translates the text line by line into braille. With switching on the computer, a screen reader starts. It can read out screen content aloud with help of the program JAWS (Job Access with Speech). For reading out texts aloud there is a reading device installed which is also able to save texts. We also provide a book edge scanner for scanning texts.

The workplace also offers various facilities for users with strong visual impairments. With an enlarger, texts are directly transferred to a connected screen where they can be magnified at one's convenience. With ZoomText we provide an easy to use program for reading out and enlarging the screen.