Book Boxes and Lockers


Lockers are available at all SLUB locations. In the Central Library, outdoor coats, jackets, bags and food need to be placed in lockers s. Check-In.
To use the lockers, please have a €1 or €2 coin or a deposit chip ready.  
The SLUB advises you not to store any valuables in the lockers. The library is not liable for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.
Please read the terms of use for lockers.

What Are Book Boxes?

Book boxes are lockers, in which registered library users may keep their borrowed items for the time of the loan period.

Keys for the book boxes can be obtained at the circulation desk, and must be returned there by the due date of the media kept in the book box.

How Can I Reserve a Book Box? For How Long Can I Use It?

Book boxes may be used for 28 calendar days after receiving the key. Library users can renew the book box use agreement for 5 times, as long as no other user has requested the book box in the meantime. Users should renew the book box via their online user account.

It is possible to reserve a book box via the online SLUB catalog by simply entering one of the following terms in the search function:

  • Buchbox Zentralbibliothek (Book boxes Central Library)
  • Buchbox Bereichsbibliothek Drepunct (Book boxes Departmental Library Drepunct)
  • Buchbox Zweigbibliothek Erziehungswissenschaften (Book boxes Branch Library of Education)
  • Buchbox Zweigbibliothek Medizin (Book boxes Branch Library of Medicine)

After reserving a book box, you will receive notification when the book box becomes available, after which the key will be kept at the circulation desk for you for three days.