Delivery Services / Interlibrary Loan

Delivery by interlibrary loan

We can supply you with literature (books or copies of essays) through interlibrary loan from external libraries if the title you require is not available in any Dresden library.

  • Delivery time: approx. 14 days,
  • Costs: until further notice, interlibrary loan orders are free of charge.

Document delivery with Subito

subito is the libraries' delivery service. You can research and order essays and books online via subito. To do this, you need to register on the subito site.

Delivery is made directly to the address you specify, essays by e-mail, post or fax, books by post.

  • Processing time: 72 hours,
  • Rush order: 24 hours,
  • Costs: from 5 euros.

See also information on delivery of articles from electronic journals published by Elsevier.

TU Delivery Service

The TU delivery service is the in-house document delivery service for employees of the TU Dresden. A small number of journal articles and partial copies from books (approx. 10% of the work) can be ordered from our holdings, but not complete works for copyright reasons.