National Research Data Infrastructure

The SLUB is part of the National Research Data Infrastructure Germany (NFDI), an initiative funded by the federal and state governments, through its active participation in the scientific consortia which address research data management in the fields of cultural heritage (NFDI4Culture) and engineering (NFDI4Ing). This is a contribution towards making research outputs digitally available and accessible long-term by connecting technical infrastructure and subject-specific expertise on both national and international level.

NFDI4Culture - Consortium for Research Data on Material and Immaterial Cultural Heritage

NFDI4Culture is concerned with sustainable digitisation, preservation and publishing of research data in the cultural heritage sector, thereby building a knowledge network for the subject areas architecture, art history, musicology, performing arts, film and media studies. Within this framework, research, teaching and GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums) institutions join efforts to improve the digital infrastructure for cultural research data, particularly audio, video, image, 3D and multimedia formats, which meets the needs of the academic community.

The SLUB acts as one of nine co-applicants and is represented by Prof. Dr. Barbara Wiermann (Music and AV media) and Dr. Jens Bove (Deutsche Fotothek) who act as co-spokespersons in their respective task areas Standards, Data Quality and Curation and Data Publication and Data Availability.

Start of funding: 2020 (DFG - 441958017)
Twitter: @nfdi4culture

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NFDI4Ing – Consortium National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

NFDI4Ing is the consortium within the National Research Data Infrastructure Germany (NFDI) which connects all research communities in the field of engineering. Our goal is to consolidate the great range of research approaches and methods among engineering sciences towards a defined set of shared standards and requirements for research data management (RDM). Thereby, research results can be made more accessible, transparent and reproducible. Together with TU Dresden, which is represented by co-spokesperson Prof. Regine Gerike, the SLUB acts as participating organisation and is primarily involved in the Community Cluster Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Electrical and Systems Engineering as well as the task area Participation.

Start of funding: 2020 (DFG - 442146713)

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Besides the above co-applicants, further institutions and research projects participate in the consortium.