SLUB Open Science Lab

Freely accessible, transparent and comprehensible science - these are the principles to which the SLUB subscribes in its Open Science Lab. It offers researchers and students advice and a place for exchange and collaboration.

What the Open Science Lab can do for you

At the SLUB's Open Science Lab, the focus is on participation and there is plenty of space to work on projects in a concentrated manner. Not only researchers and students, but also associations, initiatives and other interested parties come together here for discussions, hackathons, network meetings and other exchange formats. The facilities and services are designed to be open and flexible so that they can be adapted to a wide range of needs. The SLUB has been awarded the Open Library Badge several times for its activities in support of an Open Science culture.

The Open Science Lab supports you in many ways - our offers at a glance:

  • Flexible workstations, workshops and group working spaces
  • Advice on all issues related to Open Science - from Open Data to Open Cultural Heritage to Citizen Science.
  • Mediation: whether it's an event or an eTutorial, you can find out about trends, tools and good practices here and exchange knowledge with others.

Research projects at the SLUB Open Science Lab

Open Science continues to develop, and this in part thanks to the many research projects that test new ways of open collaboration. The Open Science Lab regularly participates in such research projects. We are currently working with

In the virTUos project at the TU Dresden

The name stands for "virtual teaching and learning at the TU Dresden in an open source context". The joint project aims to further develop digitally supported teaching at universities and contribute to better anchoring modern teaching and learning concepts in the curriculum. Find out more here.

In the TUDiSC project

The project "Disruption and Societal Change" is part of the project "Strengthening Research Areas with High Potential" at the TU Dresden. The goal is to achieve scientific excellence and international visibility in all five of the TU Dresden's research profile lines, especially in the potential area "Societal Change". Find out more here.

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