SAVE - Safeguarding the audiovisual heritage in Saxony

Since 2019, the SLUB Dresden has been involved in the SAVE programme for the preservation, digitisation and provision of historical film, video and sound recordings from Saxony. The Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism supports the programme. In cooperation with the Saxony Film Association, over 100,000 minutes of film, video and sound recordings from the period between 1920 and 2011 have already been digitised and made available to the public.

About SAVE

Since 2019, the Free State of Saxony has been supporting the professional retro-digitisation and public accessibility of audiovisual cultural assets and research documents with Saxon relevance. The analogue film, video and sound media come from a wide variety of sources: from private collections, associations, city archives, libraries and local television stations, as well as from museum collections of national and international significance.

To this end, SLUB is working together with the Saxony Film Association, which had already launched a pilot phase in 2016 on issues of safeguarding the audiovisual heritage, and is acting as a coordinating body. It plans the respective course of the project, assesses the rights situation and creates public access by entering the digitised media into national catalogues and making them publicly accessible in the SLUB media library and, in the medium term, on


The SLUB commissions experienced external specialist service providers to digitise the various sources (magnetic sound tapes, film from 8mm to 35mm, self-cutting discs, video tapes). With the support of the coordination office, the programme participants take over the rights clearance, the content indexing of the sources and organise the preservation of the original source materials as their own contribution.

In 2020, 533 media units were digitised as part of the programme, adding up to 29,236 minutes of play - about one and a half hours for every day of the year... We invite you to visit the media library and explore Saxony's audiovisual heritage!

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