Key figures and annual reports

For a detailed insight into analogue and digital highlights of the SLUB in 2022, we recommend our digital annual report. You can expect a variety of impressions from the cooperation with our users, new research-related services, exhibition and event highlights and much more. You can also continue to browse through our digital annual reports from previous years.

Here you will find an overview of all SLUB digital annual reports:


Library visits1.114.709542.308927.935
New registrations11.7609.62210.623
Twitter followers (central account)8.6988.3527.767
Downloads of licensed full texts5.582.9914.487.1324.101.990*
Page views digitised collections (excluding special interest portals)8.328.4658.447.2736.087.560
Page impressions German Photographic Library8.048.5539.523.6709.428.413
New acquisitions analogue (volumes)37.79840.13839.000
Share of e-media acquisition in total acquisition budget (%)807467
Digitisation SLUB (Images)255.096126.435188.714
Digitisation State Programme (Images)2.300.8321.579.3611.516.585
Digitisation Saxon AV heritage (minutes of play)5.7994.708**30.926
Published Open Access documents (TU Dresden and SLUB clients in Qucosa)4.0172.7183.693
Share of Open Access publications in the total publication volume of the TU Dresden (%)616157
Storage volume SLUBL long-term archive (terabyte)584419389
Advisory services SLUBWissensbar2.2482.4241.990
Events (guided tours, courses, public events)1.131829702
Appointment requests SLUBMakerspace1.8811.8242.534
User workstations2.3362.3362.336
Opening days346338282***
Weekly opening hours10492104
Ongoing externally funded projects202624
Staff positions289283283
Third-party funded positions263729
Training and further education days439404359


* The usage measurement of e-resources licensed by SLUB follows the international standard COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources), which is used by librarians, publishers and other content providers to compile usage statistics for electronic resources in a standardised way. In recent years, version COUNTER 4 has been used. However, this did not provide valid comparability of usage figures between providers, as some providers offered download of the entire book, other providers offered download of all chapters, or both options. For this reason, the conversion to COUNTER 5 was made. The individual chapters are no longer counted, but the calls to the entire e-book as 1 use.

**In the programme work "Safeguarding the audiovisual heritage in Saxony", the focus in 2021 was on historical film recordings - including 35mm amateur films from the 1920s. Compared to the mass digitisation projects in previous years with primarily sound and video materials, the digitisation of the film media type is associated with significantly higher costs and processing efforts, which in purely quantitative terms result in fewer digitised minutes.

***Number of physical opening days (online services were offered during the corona-related closure period and maintenance work: Chat, Helpesk, Scan on Demand, Telephone...)