Central Library

Whether quiet work or creative exchange with others: In our central library on the campus of the TU Dresden, we offer the best environment for every request - quiet reading room atmosphere, flexible group work areas, bookable group rooms, carrels for writing scientific theses, break zones, a parent-child room and much more.

We offer you more than ten million freely accessible media on three levels, categorised by subject (according to the Regensburg classification system).

  • Level 0 - General, sociology, natural sciences and technology, psychology, Saxonica, textbook collection
  • Level -1 - Art and musicReading room Collections of manuscripts and rare prints Media library with media, sheet music, players and e-piano; Makerspace M3 (record digitisation) Reading area for microforms with digitisation stationNewspapers/magazines
  • Level -2 - Linguistics and literature, philosophy, architecture, history and religion, stenographic collection

Offers on site


You can use the following rooms in the Central Library:

Inclusive library The central library wants to become barrier-free. The building is already barrier-free. To the left in front of the barrier to the SLUB car park there are designated parking spaces for use with a special parking permit for severely disabled people. Access to the building is facilitated by a ground-level entrance. To gain unhindered access to the public area of the Central Library, please report to our security service. There is already a specially labelled workstation for people with physical disabilities in the large reading room. The distances between the shelves in the open access area are wheelchair accessible and there are barrier-free toilets and lifts. A total of six height-adjustable desks are available on levels 0 and -1, as well as in the group study rooms 0.43 and 0.47 and in the parent-child room.

Guided tours in sign language

The SLUB also offers consultations and guided tours in German sign language. Please book an appointment via the Knowledge Bar. There is an induction loop in the Klemperer Hall for hearing aids. A pager can also be borrowed from the service counter, which emits a visual signal in the event of an alarm.

Services for people with visual impairments

If you have a visual impairment, you can use our "OrCam" reading camera and tablets for text enlargement for mobile working in the Central Library and reserve them in advance by emailing inklusion@slub-dresden.de. A suitably equipped PC workroom is also available.

We will be happy to place your open access titles and magazine orders at the workstation for the blind. Simply state the desired titles and the SLUB user number when booking the workstation for the blind.

Tactile orientation plans

For better orientation in the stairwell, there are markings in Braille on the handrails. In the lifts, the floors are announced and the buttons are tactile. It is of course possible to take a guide dog with you. The SLUBApp also supports blind and visually impaired people in using our services.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

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