Course Reserve Collections

At the beginning of each semester, TU Dresden lecturers can arrange that selected, non-borrowable books are available for in-house viewing at a special location for course participants. Here, as well as in the SLUB catalog, you can find the current course reserve collections (books).

Apart from the book reserve collections, there are also audiovisual reserve collections at the media center. For enrolled course participants, these are provided at specific stations designed for playing back acoustic media or movies. To use the audiovisual reserve collections, you have to register at the information desk at the media center at level -1.

Electronic course reserve collections

Electronic course reserve collections are available via the Online-Plattform für Akademisches Lehren und Lernen (OPAL) . There, TU Dresden lecturers can upload course materials such as scripts, templates, assignments or bibliographies. The lecturer may limit the access to these materials so that only a designated group of people can view and use them.

Applying for book- and audiovisual course reserve collections

To file an application for a book- or audiovisual course reserve collection, please contact our field librarians via this form.

Advice for applications
  • Course reserve collections should normally not include more than 30 media units.
  • Please attach a list with the following information to your application: author, title, year of publication, shelf location and barcode.
  • Course reserve collections will be dissolved on March 31 and September of any given year. If you want the collection to be available beyond the time span of one semester, please note this on your application.
  • Course reserve collections can only be provided in due time at the beginning of a semester if you allow for at least eight week's notice when filing your application.