Autograph Books (also Friendship Books)

Currently, the SLUB Dresden has more than 400 autograph books dating from the period between the 16th and 20th centuries. Thus, the multifaceted culture that surrounded autograph books in that time is well documented—literally, formally and sociologically—in Dresden’s unquestionably representative collection.
Amongst the considerable number of singular, first-rate examples are several highlights—those containing entries, illustrations and additions made by notable dignitaries and famous figures (among others Carl Gustav Carus, Joseph v. Eichendorff, August Hermann Francke, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Anton Graff, Friedrich Kind, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Philipp Melanchthon, Novalis, Martin Opitz, Heinrich Schütz, Philipp Jacob Spener, Friedrich Wieck).

Outstanding Examples:


All of the 322 autograph books currently in the collection are registered in the SLUB Dresden Manuscript Database (as of 2/2012). Please ask for further information—we’ll be glad to help.

Perk Loesch: Der Freundschaft Denkmal. Stammbücher und Poesiealben aus fünf Jahrhunderten im Bestand der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden, Dresden 2003 (digital: