Master's program "Digital Humanities

In the master's program "Digital Humanities" at TU Dresden, students from the humanities and social sciences learn about the possibilities of digitally supported research and teaching in practice. As a partner organization, SLUB Dresden is involved in the course in a variety of ways.

Since the winter semester 2022/23, TU Dresden has been offering a four-semester Master's programme in "Digital Humanities". Students with a Bachelor's degree in the humanities or social sciences acquire key competencies that enable them to shape the knowledge society in the 21st century in a digital world of work and media. They can specialise in the elective areas of society and history, art and image, school and education as well as language and literature.

The SLUB TextLab

Partner institution of the TU Dresden

With the SLUB TextLab, we participate in the Master's programme as a partner institution of the TU Dresden in three areas in particular:

Studying the humanities with an eye to the future Are you interested in the Master's programme "Digital Humanities"? You can find all the information on the TU Dresden website.


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