Room of Silence

The Room of Silence is a free space for all library users who want to get away from everyday life, find themselves, meditate or even pray. Whether Muslim prayer, Christian worship or silent meditation without any religious background - the room is open to all who are looking for a moment of silence in the everyday hustle and bustle.

Anyone seeking a quiet retreat is welcome.
To make the room work, there are some rules for its use:

  • Silence is to be maintained in the Room of Silence. 
  • This room can be used by all users who seek a place away from everyday life, want to relax, pray or meditate. 
  • Tolerance, consideration and acceptance are key here. 
  • The Room of Silence cannot be used for studying, working, eating, drinking or sleeping.

The Room of Silence is located on level 0 of the Central Library, in room 0.65.

Deliberately designed to be neutral, the room allows everyone to make it their own space of silence. The room is accessible during the library's opening hours.