SLUB logos

Institutions and persons that do not belong to SLUB may only use the logos with the consent of SLUB's Public Relations Department. Please also enquire about other SLUB logos at the Public Relations Department.

SLUB logo

Notes on use
  • BackgroundIfpossible,thelogo should always be placed on a white background. If this is not the case, the contrast must always be high enough to ensure optimal recognition of the logo and sufficient separation from the background.

  • Protective spaceThe protective space of the logo should not fall below the surrounding picture mark and must be taken into account both when placing it on a surface and when displaying it next to other logos.

Reproduction in colour(jpg)(eps)(pdf)


Reproduction in greyscale(eps) (pdf)


Reproduction in black and white(eps) (pdf)


Reproduction on coloured background(eps)

Logo Makerspace

Reproduction in colour(eps - single areas)(pdf - single areas)(eps - multiplying areas) (pdf- multiplying areas)