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The Saxon State and University Library (SLUB) is one of the largest academic libraries in Germany. As a classical state library, it collects and archives comprehensive publications about Saxony as well as publications that are subject to the legal deposit obligation in Saxony. As the library of the Technical University of Dresden, it is responsible for providing information to a research-intensive university with a particularly broad range of subjects. As a state library, the SLUB fulfils important coordination and service functions for the libraries in the Free State of Saxony.


The SLUB at a glance: find out more about the SLUB as an institution and how to contact us.

The SLUB traces its origins back to the Saxon State Library, which was established as an electoral library in 1556. The SLUB comprehensively collects and archives materials about Saxony as well as publications published in Saxony that are subject to to the legal deposit obligation.
All book acquisitions as well as dependent publications with a reference to Saxony are recorded electronically in the Saxon Bibliography. The SLUB and numerous cooperation partners run and maintain the portal Saxorum. This portal contains information on everyday life, culture and history in Saxony.

The SLUB as a University Library

The SLUB dedicates around two thirds of its material and personnel resources to its function as the university library of the TU Dresden. With around 50,000 active users and 2.5 million loans, it is one of the academic libraries in Germany with the highest number of loans.

Especially for the students of the TU Dresden, the SLUB maintains, among other things, an extensive textbook collection as well as course reserve collections. Full-time research associates of the TU benefit, for example, from numerous licensed subject databases and an exclusive document delivery service.


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The SLUB is a state-owned organisation of the Free State of Saxony. The intitution and its tasks are regulated by the law on the Saxon State and University Library. The SLUB is co-financed by tax funds in accordance with the budget passed by the members of the Saxon State Parliament.