State Program for Digitization

for Science and Culture of the Free State of Saxony

 With supplementary budget funds, the Free State of Saxony financially supports the digitization of collections of academic and public libraries as well as of significant written material from further cultural and research institutions. For the purposes of research and teaching as well as for the public at large, the program aims at providing a preferably broad online access to information and objects of cultural and scientific heritage of the Free State of Saxony.

The State Digitization Program for Science and Culture is coordinated by the SLUB and encompassses three areas:

  1. Licensing of digital media (consortium of Saxon university libraries)
  2. Digitization of valuable written materials and cultural artifacts in Saxony
  3. Digital long-term archiving

We invite you to visit and explore Saxon cultural heritage!


    Contact Persons

    With all questions concerning project parameters, digitization intentions, technical and content-related prerequisuites, please refer the team of the Branch Office Digital Library of the SLUB Dresden. Feel free to contact us - we are happy to advise you.


    Annika-Valeska Walzel & Annette Scherer
    We are looking forward to your message:



    Das Landesdigitalisierungsprogramm wird mitfinanziert durch Steuermittel auf der Grundlage des von den Abgeordneten des Sächsischen Landtags beschlossenen Haushaltes.