"There is nothing good, unless you do it". Especially in libraries, volunteering is an enormously important support and we at SLUB also want to further promote this unique commitment!

Do good? Of course!

"There is nothing good unless you do it". Hardly any other sentence describes voluntary work more aptly than the words of Erich Kästner from Dresden. Fortunately, volunteering for a good cause is already a matter of course in many areas these days, and the scope of voluntary work is constantly expanding. Especially in libraries, volunteering is an enormously important support and we at the SLUB also want to further promote this unique commitment! Because we are convinced that we can grow together, learn from each other and create great things together.

SLUB is a library with a very large number of student users - with the help of volunteering, we also want to increasingly attract older citizens. In order to be able to respond even better to the specific expectations and needs of people beyond middle age in the future, we are therefore particularly pleased about the interest of the so-called "Best Agers".

From book sponsorship to project collaboration - many paths lead to volunteering at the SLUB. Get involved, let us participate in your world and enrich not only us, but also social life.

We look forward to hearing from you!

General conditions and recognition in voluntary work

Volunteers are covered by liability and accident insurance and receive a small expense allowance for travel expenses. Regular meetings with the management, a free copy of our library magazine, an annual gift and invitations to parties and events organised by the library are also a matter of course. In addition, the library takes advantage of the many opportunities offered by the appreciation concept for volunteers of the Bürgerstiftung Dresden. For example, volunteers can receive an honorary passport, which entitles them to over 80 discounts, or they can be invited to special concerts and events through the Civic Foundation.
How can I get involved?
  • Book sponsorship
  • Membership of the Saxon Library Society (SäBig)
  • Membership of the Society of Friends and Patrons of the SLUB e. V.
  • Project selection in honorary office

Further information on honorary officeRecognition in honorary office

Feel free to contact us!

Volunteer Coordinator Katrin Matteschk Phone: +49 351 4677-624 Fax: +49 351 4677-111 E-mail: Katrin.Matteschk@slub-dresden.de

Reading tips

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