Here your videos get professional!

You want to present your products in high-quality videos?
Do you need convincing videos for exams?
You want it to be more than a simple screencast?

Welcome to the green screen studio of the SLUB Dresden. In all these cases and many more, you've come to the right place! 
In our introductory courses we will show you how to use the hardware and software and then you can get started straight away and enter the field of video production with highly professional technology.

We look forward to meeting you!

Where is the Greenscreen Studio?

The Greenscreen Studio is located in the 1st basement of the Central Library, where the Acribit Copyshop used to be. It can also be found in the 3-D room model of the SLUB. Access to the Greenscreen Studio is via the door to the left of the former IP 4 (Info Point Music/Media Library). The SLUB podcast studio is located directly next to the greenscreen studio.

How do you get to the Greenscreenstudio?

A prerequisite for using the SLUB podcast studio is that you are registered as a user:in. If you still need to do this, you can find the form here. 

We regularly offer introductory courses to familiarise you with the technology (especially the hardware) in the studio. You can register for these courses via our events calendar. For an introduction to the available software, we have compiled a small collection of tutorials for you further down on this page.

Working in the Greenscreenstudio

What can you do here?

In the studio, you have a well-lit recording area in front of a green screen, a camera set to the green screen (with tripod) and a laptop with the two recording software programs obs and Cinector. 

Useful software tutorials

True to the motto knowledge comes from doing, we do not want to teach you how to use the software in a lecture, but encourage you to familiarise yourself with the possibilities. In our introductory courses, however, we are happy to give you tips on how best to get started or reveal tricks that have helped us in video production. 

The tutorials listed here are only a small selection. For obs in particular, you will find numerous other videos with help on Youtube. If you notice a particularly successful tutorial, please let us know and we will add the link here.

Tutorials for working with obs

On the obs website and Youtube there are a number of individual tutorials or entire playlists that deal with the simple handling of obs. Since obs is open-source software, you can also practise using it on your own PC. 

You can download the software here.

On the OBS website you will also find the so-called Knowledge Base with numerous videos.

We also recommend the following tutorials:

Do you have further questions or concerns?

If you have any further questions about the possibilities and terms of use of the Greenscreen Studio, please feel free to contact us at 

We look forward to your visit to our greenscreen studio!