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Individual Study Rooms Where You Can Work Undisturbed

Individual study rooms, known as carrels, are provided at the SLUB Central Library. These carrels are free of charge for library users who are working on their final research theses and/or dissertations. Three of these study rooms provide space for two scholars, and two are accessible for users with disabilities. There are also specially-equipped carrels for working with audiovisual media. Carrels numbered 25 to 35 are completely closed and thus suitable for working with audio playback.

Who Can Use a Carrel?

Library users wishing to use a carrel at the SLUB need to present a statement written by their university professor, confirming the fact that the user is working on his/her final paper (thesis, dissertation). Please bring this document when picking up the key card for the carrel.

For the closed carrels, library users may reserve the necessary audiovisual equipment, as long as the case for using such can be justified. The student will be asked to bring proof of this when picking up the key card for the closed carrel (i.e. topic of the student’s final paper, list of audiovisual media to be used, etc.).

How Do I Sign Up for a Carrel?

You can sign up for a carrel online. Carrels are assigned by lottery, and the winners are notified by e-mail. Users must agree to the conditions defined in SLUB Procedure for Allocating Carrels. After receiving an e-mail notifying you of your carrel assignment, you can pick up your carrel key card at the circulation desk.


The draw for the Carrel application for the 1st quarter of 2023 took place on 09.12.2022.
The winners were informed by mail.

Registration Form

Unfortunately, participation for the application of the carrels is currently not possible.

Our carrels will be raffled once a quarter. The next raffle begins: 27.02.2023, 12:00 Uhr

Thank you for your understanding.