Wolfram Siebeck estate

In 2018, the SLUB Dresden was able to acquire the estate of the publicist and food critic Wolfram Siebeck (1928–2016) with financial support from the TU Dresden. In addition to an extensive library, the collection also contains his written estate. It contains manuscripts, life documents, and correspondence as well as nearly 800 menu, food, and wine lists that Wolfram Siebeck collected during his work.

The core of Wolfram Siebeck's estate is a collection of books comprising of about 1,500 volumes. He used these primarily for his journalistic activities. In contrast to Walter Putz's Bibliotheca gastronomica, which is a representative collection of cultural history, this is a working library. The holdings include volumes on the art of cooking and commodity studies, including books on regional cuisines, European cuisines, culinary practice, wines and spirits and the history of the art of cooking.

Over many decades, Wolfram Siebeck collected menus that today enrich the SLUB's culinary collection. Among them are rare copies written by the most prominent French chefs, such as Paul Bocuse, Alain Chapel, Paul Haeberlin, the Troisgros brothers, Michel Guérard, Alain Ducasse and Louis Outhier. The collection also includes cards of German chefs such as Eckart Witzigmann, Heinz Winkler, Herbert Schönberner, Dieter Müller, Harald Wohlfahrt, Lothar Eiermann, Franz Keller, Jean-Claude Bourgueil, Otto Koch, Vinzent Klink, Dieter Biesler, and even today's top chefs such as Joachim Wissler and Christian Jürgens.

The manuscripts in the estate are typewritten texts of Wolfram Siebeck's journalistic work for various magazines such as Die Zeit, Stern or Der Feinschmecker.

Virtual exhibition

In 2021, the SLUB launched the virtual exhibition Wolfram Siebeck and the German Kitchen Miracle, which focuses on the renowned gastronomy critic as well as the development of upscale culinary arts. To accompany the exhibition, the SLUB published a catalogue.