Karl Christian Friedrich Krause (1781-1832)

from: Gliedbau der Wissenschaft. XXXII. investigations on the original nature of the curved line (SLUB Mscr.Dresd.l,64).

Natural philosopher and Freemason, born on 6 May 1781 in Eisenberg, died on 27 September 1832 in Munich.

In Dresden, Karl Christian Friedrich Krause met with his friend Arthur Schopenhauer in the Japanese Palace in front of the Indian Cupboards. Here he studied their famous Sanskrit manuscripts in the Royal Public Library. However, the philosopher's thoughts were probably too curly for his compatriots. In any case, he remained completely unknown in this country. This is different in Spain and the entire Ibero-American region, where millions of people follow a view of life and the world that goes back to Krause, the "Krausismo".

Krause's estate comprises 468 volumes and capsules and was handed over to the Saxon State Library by his descendants in April 1914.

Signature: Mscr.Dresd.l

Special catalogue of the Karl Christian Friedrich Krause estate