Search Help

What can I find in the SLUB catalogue?

The SLUB catalogue was developed on the basis of modern search engine technology (discovery system). 

In a common data space, the SLUB catalogue lists a total of about 90 million items such as books, photos, newspapers, journals, maps and sheet music. It also lists and provides access to databases and full text collections, which you can use digitally or physically. (2023)

In addition to the printed holdings (print materials), a lot of online record data from almost 5,000 collections are also included in the SLUB catalogue.
The collections are also indexed in the scientific database information system DBIS.

Special holdings such as handwritten materials can be found in special reference systems. 

The universal starting point of a search is the SLUB catalogue or mobile via SLUB app ( iOS und Android).

Contents of the catalogue:

Digital materialsPrint matieralsArticles/papers


  • Books and periodicals 
  • Parts of the collections e.g. AV media, sheet music, maps, manuscripts, ....  
  • ... from licensed e-journals and e-books
  • Content from freely available open access journals
  • Metadata from over 5000 collections (including CrossRef)
  • Nationally licensed journals 

Search tips

If you know that a publication exists, research it by entering specific information about the work in the search field >All fields e.g. title <space> author <space> publisher.

dubbels maschinenbau friedrich sass springer

Numbers such as ISBN or ISSN are also taken into account.



In addition to a targeted title search, it is also possible to search thematically. Enter terms that best describe your search criteria. The more specific the search terms are, the more accurate the results will be.

grundlagen allgemeine biologie 

Can I limit the search from the outset?

You can search in more detail by limiting your query to specific search fields from the outset with the help of the selection menu ">All fields".

This is particularly useful if you already know which book or material you are looking for. Select the appropriate field (e.g. title) and then enter your search term.

What do the abbreviations used in the selection menu mean?
  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number Definition
  • ISSN: International Standard Serial Number Definition
  • ISMN: International Standard Music Number Definition
  • DOI: Digital Object Identifier  Definition
  • RVKRegensburg Library Classification Scheme (Regensburger Verbundklassifikation)
    • The classification system at the SLUB
    • is used for indexing and researching the contents of literature.

How do I optimise a search?

Phrase search

Search for groups of words (phrases) in the selection menu ">All fields" or ">Title" by using inverted commas. 

"Manns Zauberberg"


A search term entered with a truncation character (asterisk) is interpreted as the beginning of a word. All words beginning with this character string are then also listed.

Search term: biolog* also finds:
Biologe, biolog., biology, biologische, biologischer, biologisches, ...

Menu >Shelfmark:

Entering the shelfmark base GN 9999 B671* also finds:
GN 9999 B671 K96.2015, GN 9999 B671 I17.2010,  ...

Is there a search history?

With the search history, you can display the last 5 search queries again.

Are Boolean operators supported?

A search can be optimised by not searching for each term individually, but by combining them into a search query with the help of Boolean operators. The Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT are commonly used in library catalogues and databases to narrow or broaden a search. 

 AND - searches for documents in which both search terms are present. When AND is used, the results list is reduced:

wind turbines AND bats

OR - searches for documents in which one or both of the search terms occur. When using OR, the list of results is increased:

wind turbines OR bats

NOT - searches for documents that contain the first search term but do not contain the second term.

wind turbines NOT bats

NOT is also used to specifically exclude certain search terms:

 Leben AND Fledermaus NOT Flughund

Do you have any questions about search results in the SLUB catalogue?

We are happy to help you. Please contact our service team in the library or write to us and include the permalink to the specific title.