Our Check-In: Do's and Don'ts

Beginning April 3, 2023, our new baskets will be in use. Backpacks, bags and excess clothing will no longer be allowed in the Central Library. Instead, we ask that you lock up all of your personal belongings in one of our many lockers. You can still take work materials, books and beverages in closed bottles into the library - in one of the baskets, which you can find directly in the entrance area. In our branch libraries, we also recommend locking up your personal belongings, but we cannot provide a locker for all users there.

Why is this necessary?

Admittedly, it doesn't sound that tasty at first: But a library is not only a place of learning and knowledge, but sometimes also a land of milk and honey for various pests. The more personal items that are allowed into the library, the higher the likelihood that dirt and crumbs will also get in and that the little pests will start to circulate. For example, silverfish can wreak considerable havoc in libraries by damaging books and book covers. To prevent this from happening, to better protect our collections and to keep our rooms clean for everyone, we ask that you use the lockers in our libraries for your backpacks, bags and outerwear. 

Why are we taking this step now? We have been retrofitting coat lockers in recent months, particularly in the Central Library, and can now guarantee every patron a locker.

Check-in at the Central Library: That is how it works

Just want to pick something up quickly? Pass through!
If you just want to quickly borrow an item, pick it up from the self-service shelves or return it, briefly ask a question at the service desk or use the break areas in the entrance area of the library, you do not need to lock up your backpack or bag. The entrance and self-collection areas are exempt from the coat check requirement.

Stay longer? Use a locker!

  • Please lock up your backpack, bag and excess clothing -  to do so, you need a 1€ or 2€ coin or a deposit chip.

  • Use one of our baskets to take work materials, books and beverages in closed bottles into the library.

  • Boarding completed - we wish you a successful stay in the library!
  • Please empty your locker daily and leave the key in the lock. The library cannot assume liability for money, valuables, IDs, other personal documents and wardrobe.

Time for a break?

For your physical well-being, we recommend our break- and lounge areas outside the learning zones as well as cafeteria or canteens. If the weather is nice, you are also welcome to use the SLUB meadow (including deckchair, hammock or slackline)!

Recommendation in all branch libraries

In our branch libraries, we also recommend that you lock up your personal belongings and use the baskets provided if you want to stay longer. However, during busy periods, we cannot provide a locker for all users there.

The following applies at all locations: We take care of your mental well-being - fruit, cans and co. are available elsewhere. Please take only beverages in closed bottles into the library and use our break zones. Because anything sticky and edible is particularly liked by pests.

Please feel free to contact us!

Do you have questions or feedback? This is how you can reach us:

Phone: +49 351 4677-390
E-Mail: information@slub-dresden.de


We thank you for your support and wish you a pleasant stay at the SLUB!