Help with Search Results

How do I subsequently narrow down my search results?

You can easily narrow down the results after searching by using the facets offered in the side column to the right of the results list.

  • Facet Access: Online - Both - Offline
  • Move the slider of the facet "Access" to ONLINE: all "titles with full text" will be listed in the results.

If you move the slider of the facet "Year of publication", you will find all works published within a certain period.

What other facets are offered?

Depending on the search query and the matching search results, the following facets will be displayed in the catalogue:

  • Media type: Type of publication
  • Language: Language of the publication
  • Subject: Scientific subject of the publication according to the Regensburg classification system (Regensburger Verbundklassifikation)
  • Creator: Author, editor, translator, photographer, composer or other person involved in the publication
  • Location: Where the publication is located (SLUB library and holdings of TU Dresden)
  • Apply restrictions for: 
    • digital holdings: specifically for Open Access materials
    • local holdings: according to open or closed stacks areas and on-site availability
  • Collection: Data source/database in which the publication (article) is listed.

I get too many search results

You can narrow down your search results with the help of the facet selection. Furthermore, you can reduce the search results by entering an additional search criterion or by using sub-terms.

Follow the strategy: start off general and then use more specific search terms

I get either too few or irrelevant search results

Use general (broader) or generic terms and synonyms.

Follow the strategy: from specific to general search terms. Remove all preset search restrictions/filters.

If you receive "... no search results ..." after a search, please first check whether there are typing errors.

If the desired work is not listed in the results, suggest your desired title for acquisition via the PurchaseTip form or research and order your desired title in the interlibrary loan research portal.

How do I save interesting titles?

Similar to a shopping basket function, catalogue entries (short titles) can be saved as favourites in a watch list.

This watch list can be edited, printed, sent, permanently saved with an SLUB login or deleted.

How to access full texts and online resources?

In order to access online licenced resources, you must be using either the SLUB or campus network.

Logged-in TU members also have the option of accessing most licenced resources off-campus.

For more information about off-campus research, please click on this link.

Do you have any questions about search results in the SLUB catalogue?

We are happy to help you. Please contact our service team in the library or write to us and include the permalink to the specific title.