Schönberner Collection

With the Herbert Schönberner Collection, you will find at the SLUB a variety of menus and wine lists as well as the first German 3-star chef's large, personal collection of recipes.

Herbert Schönberner is an established figure in the culinary genesis of the Federal Republic of Germany. Born in Cologne in 1949 and after cooking stations in Switzerland and Frankfurt am Main, he took over the position of head chef at the Goldener Pflug restaurant in Cologne-Merheim in 1970 at the age of just 21. The owner of the restaurant Ludwig Robertz, who had already been awarded a Michelin star,  recognised the potential of the young, ambitious chef and took him to dine at the best restaurants in France and Belgium. They successfully applied their experiences gained there in the Goldener Pflug and in their own interpretation. The second Michelin star followed in 1974 and the third in 1982. This made Herbert Schönberner the first German chef to receive three Michelin stars.

Herbert Schönberner's collection not only includes a large number of diverse menus and wine lists, but also his own large collection of recipes, which has since been digitally recorded and is being transcribed on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, the estate includes a dictaphone with several recorded tapes from the time when he was head chef at the Goldener Pflug.