Open Access

As a scientist, do you want your research results to be known as widely as possible? Then you should make your work available to a maximum readership by publishing it online under Open Access conditions.

In contrast to Closed Access, which is subject to a fee, Open Access offers free access to scientific information: Any interested person worldwide can thus read, download, save, link and print your work. This guarantees unrestricted and equal participation of all people in scientific progress. For you as a scientific author, Open Access offers better visibility as well as increased citation frequency - both important goals that we are happy to promote.

Sharing knowledge, connecting people - that's what SLUB is all about! In order to promote the boundless exchange of knowledge, we have developed the strategy paper "SLUB 2025". This sets out our goals, our workflow and our measures around shared knowledge. The document thus provides orientation for all people who work at SLUB, collaborate with us or support us.

We offer access to the Open Access Network

SLUB supports unrestricted access to scientific publications and therefore works with open directories and library databases:

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals is a directory of quality-assured electronic journals that are freely accessible on the internet.

Public Knowledge Project

The Public Knowledge Project develops concepts for open access to knowledge and offers freely accessible publishing software, research and information services and a publishing service.

Open Researcher Contributor Identification

The Open Researcher Contributor Identification initiative assigns identification codes to scientific authors to identify their works.


Crossref is a registry for scientific articles, with which thousands of publishers worldwide are docked. Crossref assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOI).

How to use our offer

We are happy to advise you on

  • questions about publishers and forms of publication
  • on the publication of Open Access journals
  • archiving your scientific work
  • a second publication of your scientific work

Please feel free to contact us at or book an appointment with one of our experts at the Knowledge Bar.