Media and media education

In order to support public libraries in rural areas, the Saxon State Office provides them with free supplementary collections. These contain different media according to need - from picture book cinemas to MakerBoxes. In addition, library staff can find a wide range of specialized literature relevant to libraries.

Supplementary library

Public libraries in Saxony have the opportunity to borrow various media from the supplementary library of the Landesfachstelle free of charge. These are already processed ready for lending. The borrowing library can pass on the media to the users on its own terms. For this purpose, the title data for the loan period are entered into the respective local library system, if possible.

The selection of the media is usually done by the staff of the respective library - please make an appointment with us for this. If you wish, it is also possible for us to compile your loan item for you.

The loan period is generally six months. Console games, Tonies and picture book cinemas can be borrowed for three months and media boxes for two months. A one-time renewal is possible if there is no pre-order. The borrowing library is responsible for collecting and returning the media. The holdings of the supplementary library include:


Non-fiction and specialist literature Fiction Children's and youth literature Audio books DVD/Blu-ray Disc Games Console games Tiptoi

LeYo! picture book cinemas/knee books Storytelling theatre (Kamishibai) Tonies/Tigercards MakerBoxes Thematic media boxes Media for children, young people and adults with a migration background

Fun with reading: An offer for adults who find reading difficult or who are learning German as a foreign language. The books are characterised by simple language, short sentences, clear writing and the avoidance of foreign words. The stories are never boring, easy to read but grippingly told so that they are understandable for all.

Specialist library

Lifelong learning is also essential for library staff. Up-to-date reference books make an important contribution to this. That is why you will find a large selection of specialist library literature at the Landesfachstelle. The stock includes literature and journals on librarianship, media literacy and reading promotion, cultural policy and other professionally relevant topics.

All media of the supplementary and specialised library can be searched digitally in the web OPAC of the Regional Library and can be borrowed.



Please feel free to contact us!

Contact person for the specialist library and supplementary collections Tina Goldammer Tel.: +49 351 4677-595 E-mail:

Media boxes for children of different ages

Media education is important for children of all ages - from kindergarten to school. The Landesfachstelle therefore supports educational institutions with a special offer and provides them with thematic media boxes for different age groups:

  • Kindergarten and pre-school
  • Primary and secondary school

The boxes contain a media mix of event materials, worksheets and copy templates, for example for projects in kindergartens and schools. Please feel free to ask us about availability and lending conditions by e-mail or phone.

MakerBoxes for Libraries

Do you already have a makerspace in your library? Makerspaces are creative workshops. They invite their users to take part in craft, technical or artistic activities and at the same time provide them with all the possibilities to realise their ideas directly on site. In this way, makerspaces support the transformation of libraries into places to stay, places for communication and encounters. The Landesfachstelle would like to promote this development and makes various MakerBoxes from the EKZ Library Service available for you to borrow:


The playful introduction to the world of programming with the BeeBots is also available from us as a "class set".

Dash - Smart robots for curious minds

Dash is a play robot that can be controlled via apps and programmed with a visual programming language. With the help of its sensors, it can avoid obstacles and react to voices, and light effects and sounds can be programmed or its own voice recorded.

Ozobot - Programming with a felt-tip pen

This play robot is barely as big as a ping-pong ball. It follows painted lines and recognises colours and patterns with its optical sensors.

Ozobot Bit + / Class Set

Contains: 18 Ozobot Bit+ sets individually packaged and accompanying material (including 18 quick reference guides and calibration point).

3D Pen Creativity - Writing and Drawing in 3D

3D pens are considered the little brothers of 3D printers in a handy form. The special thing about 3D pens is that you can not only print or write on paper or other smooth surfaces. Three-dimensional design - in the air, so to speak - is also possible.


Contains: Globe ORBOOT, two books "Seven Continents, One Planet" + "My Great Atlas of Flags", flag overview, copy template "My Journey" (among others).

Wind energy

A wind turbine over 90 centimetres high generates electricity via a generator and stores it in a battery. The self-generated electricity can then be used to power four different vehicles.

LEGO-Education - WeDo 2.0 Building Kit

With versatile building elements, haptic model solutions with a lifelike application can be developed. This makes scientific, biological and technical topics come alive and easy to grasp. It is particularly exciting when the self-built models are brought to life with a simple programming language.

Electro & Co. - Circuits, Conductivity and Electromagnetism

Child-friendly building materials and instructions for 60 experiments let children explore the topic of electricity. The experimental set-ups range from a simple electric circuit with small lamps to an alarm or traffic light system.

Robot Control - experimental kit for children aged 8 and over

Whether it's a forklift truck or a robot, a ball machine or a bulldozer: the numerous components can be used to develop very different models. These can be steered in different directions. The colourful instructions introduce the little explorers to the world of technology with step-by-step pictures and age-appropriate texts.

All media of the supplementary and specialised library can be searched and borrowed digitally in the Web-OPAC of the Landesfachstelle.



Please feel free to contact us!

Contact person Media Boxes and MakerBoxes Sandra Rudolph Tel.: +49 351 4677-597 E-mail:

Accessible literature

Expanding the range of public libraries' entertainment, non-fiction and specialist literature for people with visual impairments - that is the important concern of the Chance Inkl usion initiative of the German Centre for Barrier-Free Reading (dzb lesen). Partner libraries can offer their users accessible media to order. Via dzb lesen, they are then delivered quickly and postage-free to the respective person's home. After the loan period has expired, the media can simply be returned to the initiative.

The regional office is currently looking for more partner libraries. At the beginning of the cooperation, the employees receive appropriate training. In the information portal for partner libraries, they will find all the information they need in a compact format. In addition, they can download text modules and images to promote the new service on their own websites. Are you interested? Then simply get in touch with us!