Producing Podcasts & more @ SLUB

As a medium for science communication or as a format for examinations, they have experienced a noticeable upgrade in recent years. Anyone can record podcasts, and in general all you need is a recording device, which we all carry around with us in the form of our smartphones.

However, the demands on the content as well as the listening quality of podcasts have also risen with the increased dissemination, so that it is better to record with professional equipment.

You might also be looking for a place to conduct an interview with professional recording technology, record an audio book or audio guide or produce another audio format?

The SLUB has created an offer for this - welcome to the podcast studio of the SLUB!

Where is the podcast studio?

The podcast studio is located in the 1st basement of the Zentralbibliothek, where the Acribit copy shop used to be. It can also be found in the 3-D room model of the SLUB. Access to the podcast studio is via the door to the left of IP 4 (Infopunkt Musik/Mediathek).

How do you get to the podcast studio?

A prerequisite for using the podcast studio of the SLUB is that you are registered as a user:in. If you still need to do this, you can find the form here. 

We regularly offer introductory courses to familiarise you with the technology in the studio. You can register for these courses via our events calendar.

Only after you have completed one of these introductory courses can you book the podcast studio independently for up to 4 hours via the SLUB room booking system. You can get the key at the service desk of the Zentralbibliothek, where you can also return it.

What can you do there?

You have six recording stations, including four microphones on the swivel arm with headphones and two headsets, at your disposal to record your podcasts. Via the podtrack it is also possible to connect people from outside (e.g. via telephone). In addition, you will find an audio PC in the studio on which three editing programmes (Audacity, Reaper + Ultraschall, Cubase Pro) are installed. You will receive an introduction to one of these editing programmes in our introductory courses. 

You can transfer the podcasts before and/or after the editing to the USB stick you brought with you or upload them to your cloud for further use as you wish or need.

Do you have further requests?

If you have any further questions about the possibilities and terms of use of the podcast studio, please feel free to contact us at avstudios@slub-dresden.de. 

We look forward to your visit to our podcast studio!

Do you prefer a visual format? Then our Greenscreenstudio might be the right place for you.