Loans for exhibitions

The Saxon State and University Library Dresden supports exhibitions with borrows from its holdings, which are deposited with a cultural or scientific objective.

Please note that borrow applications may also be refused for conservation or other reasons. In general, the borrow period for historical holdings is limited to a maximum of 3 months, which is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Notes for borrowers

In order to guarantee the highest possible protection for the borrowed objects, the Saxon State and University Library Dresden expects the borrower to observe and comply with the following points:

    1. The loaned goods are only to be exhibited in closed display cases (rather by wall-hanging) in the respective, secured setting. Possible damage as a result of air humidity or lighting are to be eliminated through appropriate protective measures. The tolerated values of temperature and relative humidity (rF) are based on the DIN ISO 11799. The temperature in the display cabinets should lie between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius, and the relative air humidity between 45 und 55%. Fluctuations of rF will be tolerated in the range of ± 2%/hour or ± 3%/ day. The loaned goods may not be directly exposed to sunlight. The lighting in the display cases should amount to a maximum of of 50 lux. Reduced lighting is however required with particularly sensitive objects.
    2. The exhibition rooms must be secured against fire, water, theft and burglary. The assembly and disassembly for exhibitions is only for to be carried out by professionally recognized persons. Intervention and restorative measures by the borrower or third persons are only permitted with authorization from SLUB.
    3. The borrower takes on complete liability of the loaned items. The loaned goods must be insured by the borrower and at his/her expense on the basis of a fixed insurance worth from library given by an insurance company.  The loaned goods may not be insured with loaned goods of other lenders under a flat-rate insurance. In exceptions, for example a state or regional liability, individual cases can be negotiated.
    4. The arranged loan periods are to be adhered to.  Wishes for extensions are to be applied for punctually- no less than 4 weeks before the start of the exhibition.
    5.  Loaned goods may only be made use of for the granted purpose and within the granted period. Use or passing on of items to a third persons is not permitted. Reproducing of any form, including for film and television, requires prior approval. Reproductions are to be applied for no less than 12 weeks before the loan period and are to be requested using the form “Digitalisierungsauftrag” of the Dresden Digitalization Center.
    6. SLUB Dresden is to forward the borrower the loan contract in duplicate form. One copy is to be signed by the borrower and sent back to SLUB Dresden
    7. Transportation is at the expense of the borrower, including the costs of packaging, courier costs and any additional costs. The mode of transportation (art transport, courier or self collection) will be defined by SLUB Dresden.
    8. On acquiring the loaned goods, they are to be packed by the borrower or his/her representatives in accordance with the specifications of SLUB Dresden. The borrower must arrange for packaging or transportation material.
    9. Should a conservation treatment or restoration of the loaned goods be required, the costs are to be taken over by the borrower. Resources for the exhibit institution, like bookends and frames, are to be organized by borrower.