Why we like working at the SLUB so much

Our team consists of about 350 employees from a wide variety of disciplines: some of us are trained librarians, others have studied library and information science, others computer science, history, engineering, sociology, German studies, economics, law, psychology, English studies or something else entirely. Some have completed a craft apprenticeship or one in the administrative field, some have a doctorate in art or music studies. Some always knew they wanted to work in a library, for others the library was a closed book at first. We are all connected by our passion for knowledge!

Eloísa Deola Schennerlein

Collection Managerin Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Recht

»Because it's easy to feel at home here«

Eloísa Deola Schennerlein, at SLUB since 1.2.2019

I think Jorge Luis Borges is right and paradise is probably a kind of library! The SLUB has so much to offer - from Mayan manuscripts to Vivaldi's and Bach's sheet music to the latest books. As a student at the TUD, I spent many hours here. It's easy to feel at home here - on the sofa, at the desk, in the large reading room.

My favorite piece of SLUB: Hard to say... but my choice is a deck chair outside in the summer, with a good book!

What you can learn from librarians:

That the path between worlds can be very short. Often only from one book spine to the next.

Theresa Rebisch

Administrative employee

»Because a work-life balance takes centre stage«

Theresa Rebisch, at SLUB since 1.9.2008

My career began in the traditional way with a three-year apprenticeship as a media and information services specialist. During this time and also after I was taken on as a permanent employee, I was able to familiarise myself with the full dimension of the SLUB's tasks and its external impact.

Working for and with my colleagues is at the centre of my daily work. I particularly appreciate the work-life balance offered by part-time work, flexible working hours and remote working.
What also makes the SLUB a special (working) place for me is the team spirit - for example, the annual and now traditional participation in the Rewe Team Challenge.

My favorite piece of SLUB: in the middle of the large reading room. Standing there and pausing is breathtaking. ©SLUB Dresden/Ramona Ahlers-Bergner

What you can learn from librarians:

The passion to preserve knowledge. Preciseness

Thomas Stern

Department of Manuscripts and Rare Prints

»Because a new start as a lateral entrant was made easy for me here«

Thomas Stern, at SLUB since 1.10.2012

What fascinates me about my work is collecting and preserving bequests and autographs: the aura of the original, the stories associated with the objects, their place in history. As a lateral entrant with many years of experience in banking and a background in art and musicology, I have received targeted encouragement and support in achieving my goals at the SLUB. I also appreciate the pleasant working atmosphere in a culturally interested, collegial environment.

My favorite piece of SLUB: The Berlepsch family album - Mscr.Dresd.App.2547 (http://digital.slub-dresden.de/id1681391295). This is one of the most precious pieces of the Dresden family book collection. The family album of Conrad Ernst von Berlepsch auf Thamsbrück und Großengottern (1588-1659) contains 285 entries from the years 1608 to 1654 and 1815. The entrants are representatives of important German and European royal houses or contemporary artists such as Hans von Aachen (1552-1615), some of whom added illustrations, but also composers of the time such as Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) .

What you can learn from librarians:

Sense of order, precision, passion