Albert Wigand (1890-1978)

Unknown photographer: Wolfgang Balzer, Albert Wigand, Renate Glück, N.N., Gertrud Wigand, Achim Glück, Wolfgang Lehmann (Dottore), Dresden 1966 (SLUB Mscr.Dresd.App.2800,24).

Painter and draughtsman, born on 24 August 1890 in Ziegenhain (Hesse), died on 17 May 1978 in Leipzig-Dösen.

Among the Dresden painters of his time Albert Wigand was perhaps the most poetic. In his works he depicted the simple things, even the poverty of his living environment. He earned a meagre living, among other things, as a house servant in a poorhouse restaurant.

The estate comprises a total of 863 numbers in 7 capsules and reached the library as a gift from Ursula Grüß in 1995 and 2002.

Signature: Mscr.Dresd.App.2800


Special catalogue of the Albert Wigand estate