Art, Photography, Design

Art, photography and design is one of the thematic focal points of the SLUB Dresden.Since the 1980s, the SLUB has been acquiring literature on art and art history as comprehensively as possible, with a focus on recent and contemporary art from 1945 onwards, and operates the digital platform for art history and art studies with the portal  Furthermore, the SLUB is home to the German Photographic Library and the Graphic Art and Artists' Book Collection, two collections dedicated to different artistic themes. - Specialised Information Service Art, Photography, Design

Through, the specialist information service for art, photography, design, digital tools and solutions are developed for the art academic community and literature on art after 1945, photography and design/applied arts is acquired.

Deutsche Fotothek

TheDeutsche Fotothek has been building up its own collection of photographs on various topics since 1924. With the Archive of Photographers (Archiv der Fotografen), it also offers a showcase for works by important German photographers or photographers working in Germany. Its image database can be searched in around 2 million images from over 90 institutions.

Graphic Arts and Artists' Book Collection

The graphic arts and artists' book collection (Grafik- und Künstlerbuchsammlung) was established in 1986 and collects artistically designed, mostly original graphic arts books and magazines as well as posters and graphic arts folders in very small editions. The core collection is an extensive and unique collection of artists' books and magazines from the GDR period.