Family Friendliness

Central Library

Our parent-child workroom in the Central Library is equipped with toys, furniture suitable for children and a PC workstation. This room is located on level 0 (room no. 0.41). A changing table is located in the disabled toilet on level 0.

DrePunct / Makerspace Library

Our parent-child room at DrePunct is equipped with toys and child-sized furniture. The room is a pleasant place for studying parents who want to bring along their child/children to the library. A changing table with accessories is located in the disabled toilet (near the Bookeye scanner).

August-Bebel-Straße / TextLab Library

There is another parent-child room at the August-Bebel-Straße / TextLab Library, which is equipped with toys, books, a crib and changing table. 

Interim Library Bergstraße / Open Science Lab

Our parent-child room at the Interim Library Bergstraße / Open Science Lab is located on the first floor. In addition to toys for the little ones, the room has a study area, a PC workstation as well as WiFi access for your personal mobile devices. A baby changing room is also located nearby.

Tharandt / Forestry Library

For a short stay at our library with your kids, you can use our children’s corner providing books and games. If you plan to work while having your kids with you, TU Dresden has its own parent-child workroom at Pienner Straße 22 (Beamtenhaus).