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Diese Räume stehen aktuell nicht zur Verfügung. 

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Central Library

Our parent-child working space in the Central Library provides toys for children as well as a PC including wireless access for adults. The room is located in the plane 0 in room number 0.41. A baby changing table is located in the disabled toilet near the group rooms in level 0.


Departmental library DrePunct

Our parent-child room at DrePunct is equipped with toys, child-sized furniture and a computer workstation. The room is a pleasant place for studying parents, who want to bring along their child to the library.




Zweigbibliothek Erziehungswissenschaften

 There is another parent-child room at the branch library Education and Pedagogy, which is equipped with toys, books, crib and changing table. Computer and wireless lan enables parents to work on your own computer.