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Family Friendliness

For more information on our current services and restrictions, please visit our website.

Central Library

Our parent-child working space in the Central Library provides toys for children as well as a PC and WiFi for adults. The room is located on level 0 in room 0.41. A baby changing table is located in the nearby disabled toilet.

DrePunct / Makerspace Library

Our parent-child room at DrePunct is equipped with toys, child-sized furniture and a computer workstation. The room is a pleasant place for studying parents who want to bring along their child/children to the library (not currently available). A changing table with accessories is located in the disabled toilet (near the Bookeye scanner).

August-Bebel-Straße / TextLab Library

There is another parent-child room at the August-Bebel-Straße / TextLab Library, which is equipped with toys, books, a crib and changing table. 

Interim Library Bergstraße / Open Science Lab

Our parent-child room at the Interim Library Bergstraße / Open Science Lab is located on the first floor. In addition to toys for the little ones, the room has a study area, a PC workstation as well as WiFi access for your personal mobile devices. A baby changing room is also located nearby.