Technical standards for the delivery of network publications

An indispensable prerequisite for ensuring the long-term availability of net publications is reliable compliance with the technical requirements of long-term archiving. The SLUB does not guarantee long-term availability if these technical standards are not met.

Certain file formats are necessary for the delivery of files in PDF format.

Compliance with the technical standards of the SLUB Dresden enables the preservation of net publications as cultural assets and research sources for posterity.

File format

The preferred file format for net publications subject to delivery is PDF/A.

Archivable format versions are:

PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2b (Level B, "Basic") provide clear visual reproducibility and therefore represent the minimum requirement for an archivable document.

PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-2a (Level A, "Accessible") offer both unambiguous visual reproducibility and the ability to map text according to Unicode and structure the content of the document (ISO 19005-1) and are therefore preferred over Level B documents.

Tips for creating PDF/A-compliant files

Validation of created files

The SLUB PDF/A validator is available to check your files before delivery.

This validator checks the SLUB requirements for PDF/A compliant files. Specific requirements of other institutions may not be taken into account.



Transmission of non-archival files

After your files have been sent to the SLUB, they will be checked for archivability. If the files turn out not to be archivable, we will notify you and ask you to provide corrected, standard-compliant versions. If necessary, we will offer assistance with the preparation.