How can I book a group working room?

Our group working rooms at the Central Library, but also at decentralized locations can be booked online. Bookings are possible up to 14 calendar days in advance with a valid SLUB login.


Can I suggest media for the SLUB to purchase?

Yes, this is possible. To do so, please fill out the form PurchaseTip (KaufTipp). We generally buy the titles that you suggest and consider necessary for your scientific work. However, we do check whether the contents of the PurchaseTip (KaufTipp) fit within our collection scope and whether there are similar alternatives that we already have in-house. This is to ensure that our budget is used as efficiently as possible.

Further information:

I lost something. What can I do?

For lost items please ask at the service desks of our locations. Lost and found items will be handed over to the Lost and Found Office of the City of Dresden on the first and third Thursday of each month after two weeks.


Can I end my SLUB membership?

Yes. If you definitely intend to end your SLUB membership, you can let us know. To be able to do so, all your obligations towards the SLUB have to be fulfilled. You will return your SLUBCARD and we will delete your data record.

Am I allowed to eat and drink at the SLUB?

No. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the dedicated rooms (foyer, cafeteria, lunch rooms). Bottled water is allowed everywhere, except the special collections reading room.

Are bags and coats allowed inside the SLUB?

From April 2023, our new baskets will come into use. This means that the Central Library will once again be subject to personal belongings restrictions. With this, we want to more effectively protect our collections in the future. This means: If you want to work, read or study in the Central Library, store your jackets and bags in one of the lockers beforehand. This also applies to food, snacks, fruit and similar items. There are plenty of lockers and break areas available for this purpose. Don't forget: The lockers require 1 or 2 euro coins as a deposit. Of course, you can still bring your work materials into the library - in one of the baskets provided. All do's and don'ts for the new SLUB check-in can be found at