What is necessary to use the self-service machine when borrowing a book?

You will need a valid SLUBCARD and a PIN, which you can assign via your user account.

Further information:

I forgot my password. What should I do now?

You can reset your password yourself. You will find the link below the login screen. Please enter your date of birth for authentication.

I forgot my password. What should I do now?

You can reset your password yourself. You will find the link below the login screen. To authenticate, please enter your date of birth and your address.

What do I need a PIN for?

You will need a PIN to use the self-service checkout machines or to pay your charges at the payment machines. You can assign the PIN via your user account.

When do charges come about?

Charges arise, for example, when you overdraw lending periods of borrowed media, when you borrow media via interlibrary loan, occasionally when making use of research services, or when using devices at the Makerspace.

Where can I pay charges that have accrued on my account?

You can pay charges at the service-desks at all library locations.
Another way to pay fines and fees is using the payment machine at the Central Library. To make a payment at the machine you will need your PIN number.

How many media can I borrow at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of media that can be borrowed.

How can I request media from the closed stacks?

Requests can be made online via the SLUB catalogue. To do so, please sign in to your SLUB user account with your user ID number and password.

How long does it take for requested medium to be available for retrieval?

Orders received from Monday - Saturday until 13.00 hours will be made available on the same day from 18.00 hours. Orders received after 13.00 hours will be made available from 11.00 hours on the next opening day (except Sundays).

How long is a requested medium available for retrieval?

Media you have placed on hold and requests from the closed stacks are available for five days. Keys for book boxes are available for three days. Interlibrary loan media are available for retrieval at the circulation desks until the end of the lending period.

Will I be given notice when a requested medium is available for retrieval?

No, you won't be notified, but you can view the status of closed stack media requests (except periodicals) from your user account.
You will be given written notification in the following events: availibility of media you have placed on hold, keys for book boxes, and interlibrary loan media.

How do I find my requested book in the self-service shelf ("SB-Regal")?

Please go by the last two digits of your user ID number on the back side of your SLUBCARD. The self-service areas are divided into sections in which the media available for retrieval, including media of the non-lending collection, have been sorted. The last two digits of your user ID number indicate the section in which your requested media are located.
The SB-Regal (self-service shelf) for broadsheet newspapers is located in the freehand stack-room for newspapers at level -1.

Why is my user account deactivated?

There are various reasons for a blocked account. You can read about them when signing in to your user account. Please contact the staff at our service desks at the library locations.
Furthermore, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by phone: +49 351 4677-420.

My postal/email address has changed. What should I do now?

Please sign in to your user account. Go to "My Account" - "Member Details" and correct the address.

What does the term in Catalogue display "in Transfer" mean?

A medium is "in Transfer" when it is on its way from one branch library to another.