Document delivery

What do I need interlibrary loan for?

You basically use the interlibrary loan system to request media that are not present at the SLUB Dresden, its branch libraries or other libraries in Dresden.

Who is allowed to use interlibrary loan?

Every user with a valid SLUBCARD and a personal password is able to place orders via interlibrary loan.

What can be ordered via interlibrary loan?

It is possible to order borrowable media as well as copies of essays from journals or books for retention.
Extracts from e-books are available within the scope of copyright (printed).

Which titles cannot be requested via interlibrary loan?

Titles present at the SLUB, the branch libraries or other libraries in Dresden are barred from interlibrary loan.


How do I place an order via interlibrary loan?

All important information can be found on the website Delivery Service / Interlibrary Loan. There you will also find the link to the research portal. Here you can search for the desired title and place an order directly from the hit list. If your search request was not successful, please use the freie free input form. Every physical media unit normally requires an own order.

How much is an interlibrary loan order?

Costs: until further notice interlibrary loan orders are free of charge. 

Copies up to 20 pages are free of charge. If a copy of a larger article - more than 20 original pages - is ordered, additional costs will be charged from the first page. The price is at the discretion of the supplying library and can be either a lump sum or a specific amount per page.

When do I receive a requested book / a requested copy?

Normally, the delivery of a medium requested via interlibrary loan takes two weeks. If the medium is not available in the requested libary, the order will automatically be forwarded to the next owning library. Thereby, the delivery might be delayed.

Further information:

How will I be notified when my order has arrived?

You will be notified via email when the medium you have requested via interlibrary loan has arrived. Moreover, there will be a system message in your user acount.

When an interlibrary loan medium has arrived, how long will it be available for retrieval?

Delivered media will always be available until the end of the lending period. Media available for retrieval that are not returnable (= copies) are kept on file for at least three months.

Why didn't I receive the medium I requested via interlibrary loan?

Please note that not all media listed as available in the research portal are actually available for borrowing or interlibrary loan at all times. The actual availibility can often only be viewed in the local catalogue of the respective library.
Furthermore, it is up the the owning library's discretion to provide media for interlibrary loan or not.

How about the conditions for borrowing and renewing interlibrary loan media?

The lending period as well as potential constraints for borrowing or copying are basically determined by the lending library. Interlibrary loan media can be renewed once if there are no other regulations set by the delivering library. For extending the loan period, please make an application via your user account three days before the borrowing time ends.

Where can I return media I borrowed via interlibrary loan?

Please return interlibrary loan media directly to the staff at the service counter  - including the attached letter of transmittal. You can do this at the Central Library and any of our library branches.

How much is a foreign order via interlibrary loan?

When borrowing media from abroad, there is - in addition to the usual interlibrary loan fee of 1,50 € - a fee to pay to the library that lends the medium (from 8 to 30 €).  Additionally, you have to calculate on the costs for returning the medium (10 to 20 €).

Can I also request media from abroad via interlibrary loan?

Yes, we maintain cooperations with libraries worldwide.

What are alternatives to interlibrary loan?

Further possibilities to order books or essays are provided by document delivery services such as subito, Getinfo, and FIZ AutoDoc. There you can place online orders yourself. Please note that all services listed are subject to a charge.