General Service Survey


The SLUB offers numerous events and services related to the research cycle. However, we have very little, scientifically sound information that stems from the perspective of the users themselves. A survey asking for the users' perspectives of the SLUB's services is an important starting point for the evaluation of existing services. Empirical results on fundamental questions such as "Who uses what?" and which usage habits are predominant among which user groups create an important basis for the evaluation of existing SLUB services.

Survey Period and Participation

The survey started on 13 June 2022 and endet on 01 July 2022. We selected a representative sample from among SLUB users and contacted them.

Research Questions

  • Who uses which SLUB services?
  • What services are missing?
  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • Which groups of users do we have?
  • How do users evaluate individual services?

What are the objectives?

  • Better basis for (strategic) decisions
  • Evaluation of services
  • Gaining a better idea of SLUB users
  • Integration of user perspectives in the development and improvement process of services

Current status

Thanks to you, a high response rate could be achieved. The final sample includes 5989 respondents:

  • 1208 citizen scientists
  • 904 scientists (680 from the TU Dresden)
  • 2471 students (1852 from TU Dresden)
  • 326 pupils
  • 93 people in vocational training
  • 947 "other" users

The forthcoming reporting will include six results reports and a methods report. We keep you up to date!


Why should I participate in surveys?

Surveys are for quality development. Your perspective, the perspective of our users, is elementary for this. The General Service Survey offers a central and unique opportunity to give us your perspective and feedback so that the SLUB can adapt even more to the needs of its users.

Will the results be published at a later date?

Yes. The results of the survey will not only be communicated internally, but also turned into a report that will be made available on the homepage to all interested parties free-of-charge.

Will the data be treated confidentially?

Yes, the data will be anonymised and evaluated in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. Personal data is not collected. It is not possible to draw conclusions about individual persons.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Marcel Erfurth or send an email to: