Collections Reading Room

The Special Collections Reading Room is located in the Central Library on level -1. There are provided manuscripts, music manuscripts, handwritten documents from the Stenographic Collection and prints of all kinds published up to 1850, as well as fragile, unsecured or particularly precious media that appeared later.

How can you place an order?

Orders for handwritten materials and incunabula must be placed at least two working days before the desired date by use of our contact form or by calling phone number +49 351 4677-797 (concerning manuscripts and rare prints) or phone number +49 351 4677-553 (concerning music manuscripts) or by filling in a form on site in the Special Collections Reading Room. Prints published after 1500 can be researched and ordered via SLUB catalogue. Original materials that are available in the SLUB Digital Collections or as printed facsimile will only be made available for use in justified exceptional cases.

When Do You Receive Your Orders?

  • Depending on their condition, the desired handwritten materials and incunabula are available for five working days from the agreed date. Particularly valuable materials (e. g. medieval manuscripts) cannot be used on Saturdays. For prints published between 1501-1850 (as well as after 1850 in the special cases mentioned above) the following delivery times apply:

    Orders until 1 p. m. will be delivered on the same day from 2 p. m. (except Saturdays)

    Orders after 1 p. m. will be delivered on the next opening day after 10 a. m.

    Orders on Fridays after 1 p. m. and on Saturdays will be delivered on Mondays after 10 a. m.

What Do You Need?

Before using materials in Special Collections Reading Room you have to register via registration form in order to receive a SLUB user card. In case of handwritten materials and incunabula a justified application for use is be filled in on site.

What do you need to note?

  • Before entering the reading room, coats and bags must be locked in the lockers in the entrance area of level 0.
  • It is not permitted to bring along and consume food and beverages in the reading room.
  • The use of ink pens, ballpoint pens and highlighters is prohibited.
  • The foam underlays provided should be used in order to preserve the materials.
  • Independent photography of manuscripts and prints that are not yet digitally available is possible for study purposes after prior permission under supervision.  Higher quality reproductions by the Dresden Digitisation Centre or the Deutsche Fotothek can be commissioned directly in the reading room.