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SLUB concluded with Hogrefe a publish & read agreement for the subjects psychology and psychiatry.

 Fully  OA JournalsHybrid Journals


Corresponding author: TU Dresden member; acceptance date during the contract period.

Contract Period

1/1/2021 until 31/12/2023
Eligible Journals   List of eligible journals

Eligible Article Types

Included: Review Articles, Overview Articles, Multistudy Reports u.a.

Excluded: Book Reviews, Short Contributions, News, Proceedings etcs.

Eligible Licences

CC BY 4.0 (recommended)

CC BY-ND 4.0


25% discount on the 3 journals listed above. 

Application for cost coverage is possible.

Full funding 

Special Requirements for the Submission

Attribution of eligible publications as well as identification
and information of the eligible authors
by the publisher.  When you are working and researching at more than one institution only the primary affiliation is considered.

Retroactive Open Access Option-