Learning on the move

In addition to the traditional table-chair option, the Central Library, Level 0, the August-Bebel-Straße Library and the Fiedlerstraße Library have a zone for active learning: for healthier working through more movement while in the library.

Protect your back - activate your brain

Protect your back - activate your brain

Students and employees at universities are among the population groups that spend an above-average amount of time sitting, with all the associated health risks. Active learning can counteract this: from a sedentary setting to a mix of sitting, standing, walking or cycling - it's all about variety. Movement also increases the performance of our brains.

We are now providing equipment and furniture for active learning at three of our locations:

  • In the Central Library, there is a Walkolution treadmill, a Deskbike, a sitting ball and an active board.
  • In the August-Bebel-Straße library there are two Deskbikes, an active stool, a sitting ball and an active board.
  • In the Fiedlerstraße library you can use an active stool, a desk bike and a treadmill with height-adjustable tables.

Learning on the move - how it works:

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