Embodied Writing, Yoga und Meditation

Writing is not only a mental process, but also a physical one. At the SLUB TextLab, we ensure that writers attune their mind and body to the writing process: with yoga classes, meditation programmes and suggestions for active writing breaks.

Writing is bodywork

Writing works best when mind and body work together.

"The text is a symbolic and a physical event. Writing it is strenuous, more physical than one might generally assume [...] a kind of stonemasonry in the alphabet."

(Kurt Drawert: Writing. On the life of texts. Munich: C.H. Beck 2012. p. 64)

The SLUB TextLab follows the scientific approach of embodied writing. The holistic approach of so-called embodiment looks at the interplay of mind, body and psyche from an interdisciplinary perspective. It also finds favour in current writing research and promotes healthy and sustainable learning. This is why the SLUB TextLab offers its own break room and invites you to relax and do bodywork both in the writing room and outside.

How to relax in the SLUB TextLab

Yoga classes are held once or twice a week in the evening in the T3 writing room in cooperation with the Dresden University Sports Centre. The mats, cushions and meditation benches are also available to all visitors free of charge outside of the yoga classes for active study breaks and can be used in the group rooms or in the green areas around the building. In the library's communal garden, a barefoot path and a table tennis table invite you to get your body moving again between intensive learning and writing phases.

Please feel free to contact us! Phone: +49 351 4677-490 textlab@slub-dresden.de August-Bebel-Straße 18 01219 Dresden Appointment booking via the knowledge bar