Archiving of websites

Collection of websites

Web archiving refers to the selective, regular mirroring, cataloguing and permanent archiving of web presences.

As part of its legal mandate to collect compulsory media, the SLUB will be setting up its own web archive from 2024. To this end, selected websites will be saved and archived at regular intervals and made available for public and academic use.

The stored websites will generally be made available on the SLUB premises. In the run-up to website archiving, the operators of the websites can decide via the deposit licence whether they also transfer the right to free publication on the Internet for the archive object. The archive objects will soon be available in the SLUB catalogue.

For our collection, we are primarily focussing on websites on Saxon history, geography, culture, industrial culture as well as websites of voluntary and professional research, interest groups and local authorities based in Saxony. The websites are therefore also catalogued via the Saxon Bibliography.

The SLUB uses the Archive-IT service for collecting, presenting and archiving websites. Archive-IT is a service offered by the Internet Archive in San Francisco, which has been operating web archiving as a non-profit organisation since 1996.