Autograph Books (also Friendship Books)

Family album of Wilhelmine Gröpler from Raguhn - Mscr.Dresd.App.2977

The family album with a red morocco binding with borders, floral stamps, a gold-stamped title and a three-page gilt edge has 85 entries from the years 1837 to 1845. Among other things, there are dedications by relatives and friends from innkeeper and clothier families from Raguhn and the nearby surroundings.In addition to watercolours, family registers and locks of hair, it contains a silhouette of Johanne Justine Renner (1763-1856), the so-called Gustel von Blasewitz, who is mentioned in Schiller's "Wallenstein's Camp".

The Gröpler family album in the Digital Collections and in the Kalliope joint database.